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True Weight Loss is Measured by Your Ability to Maintain Results After Dieting…
Did Your Last Diet do that?
The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a supervised weight loss method with personalized one-on-one weekly coaching support and education. Unlike common dieting, Ideal Protein burns fat while supporting muscle and other lean tissue. Most diets burn muscle along with fat, which leads to post diet weight gain as muscle loss hinders your ability to burn calories.

Additionally, Ideal Protein empowers dieters with the knowledge to develop better eating habits and smarter lifestyle choices by providing an education on the relationship of carbohydrates to insulin production how weight gain occurs, and what to do to avoid it. Our dieters are not left with the “Now what?” question after their excess weight has been lost. But don’t take our word for it…see what our dieters have to say about their Ideal Protein experience…

Anyone can lose weight…learning how to live at a stable weight after dieting should be your ultimate goal. Call today 425-221-3107 and find out how your Ideal Protein Weight Loss coach can teach you how to make smarter lifestyle choices.
You Won’t Believe the Impact You Can Have on Your Own Quality of Life

Dr. Paul Lund, DC

Dr. Paul Lund

Dr. Lund continues to serve the Eastside with over 30 years in practice as a Chiropractor and is now in his 5th year of incorporating the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. He now has offices in Issaquah, Fall City, Snoqualmie, Mercer Island, and West Seattle. Completing his undergraduate studies at Washington State University, Dr. Paul went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic where he graduated at the top of his class as a Doctor of Chiropractic.
As a Chiropractor with a natural approach to health care he has always looked to help patients find the “normal” in their body. By incorporating the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method into his practice, he found the perfect addition for his restorative approach to patient management. With a team oriented mindset he looks forward to partnering with you to reach your health care goals.

Becky Shepherd

Becky graduated from Central Washington University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Physiology in 2012. She has since cultivated her skill set and experience by means of personal training, athletic rehab, and weight loss consulting in the fitness and weight loss industry. She has a strong understanding of how challenging it can be to find the right path toward health and vitality. After years of searching for a program truly set apart from the rest, she is thrilled to be joining our team as Lead Coach at the Ideal Weight Loss and Wellness clinic in Mercer Island.

Pete James

Pete has been assisting people achieve their wellness goals since 2009. While his original career plan involved childhood education, he found his passion and purpose in wellness after watching his mother’s painful struggle with her weight.
Pete enjoys using his creativity, resourcefulness, experience and “tough love” to help his clients succeed and is thrilled to join the team as a Lead Coach at the Ideal Weight Loss and Wellness clinic in West Seattle.

Dr. Summer Jo Nowicki

Dr. Summer is a Washington native and grew up on Whidbey Island. She graduated from Bastyr University where she completed her naturopathic medical training.
She also has a Biology degree from Seattle Pacific University. As a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Summer practices family medicine with a focus on women’s health and weight loss.

Heather Gehrman

Heather is an Eastside Native who received a degree in Sociology from Arizona State University. With a passion for health, she continued on to become a certified Clinical Herbalist and an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. Health and wellness has always been a focus of hers and she is passionate about helping people get healthy. Heather is delighted to be joining our team as Lead Coach at the Ideal Weight Loss and Wellness clinic in Issaquah.

Tanya Hamilton

Tanya has been involved in the health & fitness industry since 2002. After the birth of her first child, she realized how important it was to be healthy. She had battled her weight most of her adolescent life and was now ready to make a permanent change. Over the past 15 years she has learned what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle and loves to share her knowledge and personal experience with others. She believes we all have our own journey to travel down, but with the right tools in place and a great support system anything is possible. She has been married 17 years and has 3 kids at home. She is a Maters Athlete in the Crossfit community and has competed in the World Wide Open competition finishing in the top 10% for our region and state for the past 5 years. She also enjoys running, hiking, biking and swimming. Her passion is to help people achieve goals they never thought possible. 

Wendy Marquez

My weight loss journey started over 15 years ago. Like many I started to see the visual affects of my poor food choices. With 30 lbs. of baby weight still on me I decided that I wanted to do something that would make be feel better about being in my skin. Secondly, I wanted to feel healthier and stronger for my two growing sons. This sparked my love for fitness and I became a certified personal trainer. Upon further discovery, I found out that over 90% of my mother’s family members had died from heart disease or cancer. Exercise and moderate food modifications no longer seemed efficient; I had an underlying pre-disposition to multiple risk factors that exercise alone could not remedy! This journey has led me to Ideal Protein method and I am so thankful for this opportunity to share the best tool in my toolbox…..the method that corrects metabolic damage and changes the relationship you have with food forever!
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